DoomsDay Headlines 2-15-2014: Asteroid, Fukushima, EMP Attack, Nuclear Weapons, Fake City, Dust Bowl Drought, Storms Combining, Power Outages, Multi-Pronged Storm, Tsunami, Dead Bankers, Bitcoin, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Swine Flu, Dengue Fever

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Researchers say detonating a NUCLEAR BOMB on an asteroid could save Earth 

Experts say system could blast an asteroid with just a weeks notice, system would make a 'dual hit'

Radioactive cesium levels “never seen before” at Fukushima 

New record as amount in groundwater nearly doubles in 24 hours, Officials admit ‘may be new leak’

Expert: Iran ships a dry run for later nuclear/EMP attack 

Iran's surprising decision to move warships off the Atlantic coast poses a potential catastrophic threat to America from a nuclear or electromagnetic pulse attack, according to an expert who foresaw Iran's move.

Japan: US could bring nukes in case of emergency 

Tokyo suggested that it would allow the US to bring nuclear weapons into Japanese territory in the event of a serious threat to its security.

US army builds fake city to shoot at during training 

The 300 acre 'town' includes a five story embassy, a bank, a school, an underground subway and train station, a mosque, a football stadium, and a helicopter landing zone.

New Dust Bowl: 'epochal' drought hits CA's Central Valley 

Washington is finally waking up to California's worst drought since the 16th century, but is it too little too late? Nick Allen reports

London and New York storms are now COMBINING 

Meteorologists say two storms are 'holding hands' across the Atlantic Incredible satellite imagery shows the monster storms swirling 'arm-in-arm' across the Atlantic

Thousands still without power in Georgia, South Carolina days after winter storm 

Despite their weariness, Ziegler and thousands of others in east Georgia and western and southern South Carolina may be without power for several more days.

Britain hit with 'multi-pronged' weather front of wind, rain, snow 

17,000 homes left without power with more properties set to be flooded in the next 36 hours

Caribbean faces threat of biggest tsunami ever recorded 

The Caribbean could be at risk from a mega-tsunami that scientists warn could devastate coastlines from Florida to Brazil following a volcanic eruption in the Canary Islands.

Dead JPM Bankers “Knew Each Other” 

Today, Steve Quayle’s banker source “V”, who predicted that a wave of banker hits was imminent when the very first bankers began dropping last week, has dropped a bombshell regarding the death of Ryan Henry Crane.

Silk Road wiped out by Bitcoin glitch 

The revived online black market Silk Road says hackers took advantage of an ongoing Bitcoin glitch to steal $2.7 million from its customers.

Saudi Arabia May Go Nuclear Because of Obama’s Iran Deal 

President Obama wants an agreement with Iran to prevent a Middle Eastern nuclear arms race, but it’s pushing Saudi Arabia toward its own nuke program.

Army sent to Venezuelan cities, unrest prompts coup warning 

Piles of burning rubbish sat smoking along Caracas' main avenue as troops moved to secure the city following an outbreak of street violence that left three dead on Wednesday.

Syria peace talks break down as death toll passes 140,000 

Syria peace talks break down without any progress made – or a date set for the next round as death toll passes 140,000

Four people killed by swine flu in Scotland this winter 

Four people have died in Scotland from swine flu and another 13 have been treated in hospital after contracting the virus.

Dengue continues to strike! 

Dr Shakeel said since January 01, 2014, 101 dengue cases had been reported across Sindh of which 97 belonged to Karachi.