DoomsDay Headlines 2-14-2014: Malware, Hackers, Ukraine Default, Bitcoin Stolen, Panic On The Streets, Economic Crisis, Gold Shines, Fake Funeral Notices, Star Wars Laser, Massive Snow Storm, Cancel Flights, Great Lakes Frozen, Mosquitos, Swine Flu Deaths, Mysterious Energy Ribbon, Police Clashes, Hight Alert Greece, Fukushima,

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A Scary New Malware Is Tearing Up The Internet And No One Knows Where It Came From 

"Careto" is the name of "a sophisticated suite of tools for compromising computers and collecting a wealth of information from them," reports The Washington Post.

Hackers used unknown Internet Explorer flaw in new attacks 

A previously unknown flaw in a recent version of Microsoft Corp's Internet Explorer web browser is being used to attack Internet users, including some visitors to a major site for U.S. military veterans, researchers said Thursday.

Ukraine Is On The Brink Financial experts have warned 

Ukraine is on the brink of default with some saying currency reserves are enough for only two months. Russia has provided the first three billion dollar tranche of a loan. With the political stand off the rest has been frozen.

The Eurozone Crisis Is Just Getting Started 

With elections in May likely to give rise to the most Eurosceptic parliament in the EU’s history, Europe’s long-running financial and economic crisis is threatening to spill over into an all-encompassing political one.

$2.7 million-worth of Bitcoin stolen 

Silk Road 2.0 has been reportedly hacked by attackers who made off with nearly $2.7million in bitcoin - the online marketplace's entire holdings.

Celente: There Will Be Panic On The Streets This Year 

Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente joins Gary Null and explains in easily understandable terms the economic crisis being faced now, here in America and across the globe. Celente predicts there will be “panic on the streets,”

20 Signs The Global Economic Crisis Is Starting To Catch Fire 

If you have been waiting for the “global economic crisis” to begin, just open up your eyes and look around.

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Gold shines while Bitcoin tanks 

Gold has outperformed the stock market this year thanks to renewed inflation worries and emerging market currency chaos. Is Bitcoin's plunge also helping?

'A new low': Sick internet hackers target bereaved families in emails that hide viruses 

Recently bereaved families are being warned to watch out for a new computer hacking scheme using fake funeral notices.

Israel close to developing 'Star Wars' laser missile shield 

Laser shield can intercept drones, rockets, missiles and mortars

Massive snowstorm stalks US northeast 

A deadly winter storm crept through the northeastern United States early Friday after spelling drudgery for millions and tragedy for a few, including an expectant mother killed by a snowplow.;_ylt=AsnB3hFUl3ZFzaaBOVLMPdTQtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTBsdHE1OTVyBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwM2BHNlYwNzcg--

Indonesia volcano erupts; 3 killed, 100K evacuated 

A powerful volcanic eruption on Indonesia's most populous island blasted ash and debris 18 kilometers (12 miles) into the air Friday, killing three people and forcing authorities to evacuate more than 100,000 and close seven airports.

Canceled! Airlines scrap record number of flights 

The relentless snow and ice storms this winter have led to the highest number of flight cancellations in more than 25 years, according to an analysis by The Associated Press.

Icebreakers work toughest winter ever as Great Lakes are almost completely frozen 

The cold weather that has been gripping the Upper Midwest for the past month has seen the Great Lakes suffer its biggest freeze in 20 years.

It bites 50 times in 15 minutes, carries 20 different diseases and likes human blood 

Mosquito carries yellow fever, dengue fever, encephalitis, and Chikungunya. Has spread to US, Europe, Africa, Sth America, is about to invade Australia

Three Swedes die in new wave of swine flu 

At least three people in Sweden have died from a new wave of swine flu and experts are worried that more fatalities are on the way. Northern Sweden has been the hardest hit.

Dengue alert: 4600 cases, three deaths 

According to figures released earlier this year by the Ministry of Health, 1039 cases were recorded between October 30, 2013 and January 16. As of January 31, 1400 cases were recorded with the Central Division recording the most cases.

Mysterious Energy Ribbon at Solar System's Edge a 'Cosmic Roadmap' 

A strange ribbon of energy and particles at the edge of the solar system first spotted by a NASA spacecraft appears to serve as a sort of "roadmap in the sky" for the interstellar magnetic field, scientists say.

Clashes, teargas mark third anniversary of Bahrain uprising 

Police have used tear gas in a number of villages outside the capital Manama across the small island nation as the security forces moved in to disperse gatherings.

Greece on high alert after extremists declare war on ‘German capitalist machine 

Greek authorities have stepped up security after a leftist extremist group declared war on the “German capitalist machine.” The group has claimed responsibility for attacks on a Mercedes-Benz branch and on the German ambassador’s residence in Athens.

TEPCO hid dangerous Fukushima radiation levels for months 

TEPCO on Wednesday revealed that it detected 5 million becquerels per liter of radioactive Strontium-90 in a groundwater sample taken some 25 meters from the ocean as early as last September, Reuters reports. The legal limit for releasing strontium into the ocean is just 30 becquerels per liter.