DoomsDay Headlines 1-29-2014: Drought, Massive Scam, World Markets Slide, Rate Hikes, Dollar Weakens, Weak Economy, Bond Bubble, Extreme Weather, Zombie Bees, Hackers, Windows XP, Iran, Dumpster Divers, 600 Ill,

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17 Communities In CA Could Run Out Of Water In 60-120 days

In some districts, the wells are running dry while other reservoirs are nearly empty.

Were you charged $9.84? It might be fraud 

Be on the lookout for a recent $9.84 charge on your debit or credit card. It might be part of a massive, worldwide scam. Thieves are using stolen payment cards to make small charges that could easily go unnoticed. The charges are attributed to generic-looking websites such as, and, which claim to offer customer support services.

World Markets Slide 

AMSTERDAM (AP) — After a strong Asian session and positive European open, world markets shifted course and fell Wednesday as jitters over the prospects for emerging economies resurfaced.

Emerging economies hike rates to defend currencies 

LONDON (AP) — It's proving contagious. First it was the central bank of India. Now, a day later on Wednesday, its counterparts in Turkey and South Africa have followed suit in raising interest rates.

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Dollar weakens more versus yen as U.S. yields fall 

The greenback fell to a session low of 102.21 yen in early New York trading, down 0.7 percent from late on Tuesday. It still held above a seven-week low against the yen set on Monday due to jitters over financial woes in Argentina, Turkey and other emerging markets.

ECB confronts more signs of weak growth 

FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — The European Central Bank is facing more signs of weakness in the economy of the 18 countries that use the euro as it weighs whether to add more stimulus.

Bond Market Bubble in Search of a Pin 

“We’re in a bond bubble. This is much more serious than the other bubbles because the bond market is much larger than either the real estate market or the stock market.” 

Commuters Sleep In Grocery Stores After Abandoning Cars 

ATLANTA (AP) — Students camped out with teachers in school gyms or on buses and commuters abandoned cars along the highway to seek shelter in churches, fire stations — even grocery stores — after a rare snowstorm left thousands of unaccustomed Southerners frozen in their tracks.

Children Stuck Overnight On School Buses 

About 50 Atlanta school children were still stuck on buses early Wednesday morning. The students had gotten on buses to get home shortly after noon Tuesday, but treacherous road conditions coupled with gridlocked traffic has made it impossible.

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'Zombie' bees identified in Vt., 1st in Eastern US 

Vermont beekeepers face mite infestations, extreme temperature swings and the possibility of colony collapse. Last fall, a new threat emerged: zombie bees.

Angry Birds site hacked after surveillance claims 

HELSINKI (AP) — Angry Birds creator Rovio Entertainment Ltd. says the popular game's home pages have been hacked, two days after reports that the personal data of its customers might have been accessed by U.S. and British spy agencies.

Microsoft is about to take Windows XP off life support 

On April 8, Windows XP's life is coming to an end. On that day, Microsoft will stop issuing security updates to the 12-year-old operating system, and it will end nearly all technical support as well.

Israel's Netanyahu says Iran nuclear program delayed six weeks

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Tuesday that Iran's nuclear program would only be set back six weeks as a result of its interim agreement with the international community, adding that "internal disagreements" within the Iranian regime would not divert Tehran from pursuing its ultimate goal of "wiping Israel off the map."

3 face charges after taking discarded food from trash bin 

LONDON – A British supermarket chain has insisted it did not call police on a trio of dumpster-divers who face criminal charges after allegedly taking discarded food from a trash bin.

Cruise ship headed home after more than 600 fall ill 

A cruise ship where hundreds of passengers and crew members have fallen ill is due back in the New Jersey port it departed from last week. A spokesman for The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey says the Explorer of the Seas is due to dock Wednesday afternoon in Bayonne.